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AM in aquatic plants
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Effects of N supply and wood species on hemlock and birch seedling growth on decaying wood
Survival of tree seedlings on different species of decaying wood maintains tree distribution in Michigan hemlock-hardwood forests

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Welcome to and

At left you can:

Learn about my research at Kenyon College (VAM in aquatic plants) and my dissertation research at Michigan State University (Tsuga canadensis and Betula allegheniensis seedling establishment and survival on decaying wood and soil in Upper Michigan),

see some of my digital photographs,

learn about my experience at the 2005 Grand Rapids Marathon,

or download my curriculum vita in pdf format.

I work for the Westfield River Highlands program of The Nature Conservancy in Massachusetts and as an adjunct faculty member at Westfield State College.

To contact me, send an email to lmarx_atsign_tnc_dot_org.

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